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Shipping to Jamaica, the Caribbean, Central & South America

How We Ship

Caribbean Ocean Logistics specializes on providing ocean, air and land transportation within the United States, to Jamaica, the Caribbean and South America.  For over a decade our company has secured a leading position in the industry, as a result of our competitive rates, our unrivaled reliability, personalized services, and unmatched level of expertise in freight, logistics and cargo handling.


Our company focuses on being highly responsive, service oriented and available when and where our customers need us, and we are known for offering the most competitive and comprehensive services including:

At Caribbean Ocean we take time to learn about our customers’ challenges and needs, and we strive to be a single-source solution provider, that responds with proven solutions, in a fast, efficient and accurate manner.


Whether you are searching for a trusted partner to transport personal effect items, or to transport industrial and commercial items, hazardous materials, vehicles, food and beverage, building materials, or home goods, we are a solution driven team, with the driving force, experience and capabilities to safely handle and transport any size and type of cargo.  This is what we have been doing for over a decade.

Ocean Freight

  • Door to door or door to port from the United States to Jamaica, the Caribbean and South America
  • Partial and full container loads

Air Freight

  • Overnight air, which allows delivery of your freight before the end of the next business day
  • Standard air service or second day air, which allows delivery of your freight before the end of the second business day
  • Economy air, which allows delivery of your freight between 3-5 business days


  • Domestic services nationwide within the United States including partial and full truckloads
  • International services from the United States to Jamaica, the Caribbean and South America including partial and full container loads
  • Weekly services available for full container loads and break bulk

We are a full service Caribbean shipping & logistics company with over 10 years experience in the industry serving the

U.S., Jamaica, Bahamas, Santo Domingo the Caribbean & South America.


Caribbean Ocean Logistics specializes in Ocean Export full and less than container loads, the most complete services including pickup, crating, warehousing,

loading, transportation, door to door deliveries, door to port deliveries, and the safest handling of commercial and home goods nationwide and internationally.